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        In 1987 we began in the professional part of building site models and with passing of the years we were requested to enter in nautical, due projects of models our city to shelter the largest port of Latin America.

        We received several requests of these projects arriving to implement the system of radio controls in scale. Ever since, we began to produce the complete models for this end.

       Our models are made starting from "original" plants with the most modern equipments, using fiberglass and the system "laser cut system" for the other parts of the project.

     They are also given, ready to navigate complete with all of the items and details, less the system of radio, which would be the buyer's choice.

      All of the components are mattered and they consist in our opening page.

       The models shown in the pictures are exclusive, in other words, each one has difference of the other, they are not manufactured in series.

    Carlos Eduardo Sadocco